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At Approved Auto Loans in British Columbia, our team of Automotive Financial Experts has some of the highest success rates of approving car loans almost all of our customers over the years simply because we are one of the best in the business of car finance in BC. With a combined experience of over 12 years in the automotive industry, we have seen and overcome every financial obstacle in our path! We have successfully managed to approve car loans almost 99% of all of our clients in British Columbia, Canada which means if you apply with Approved Auto Loans, and are employed then the chances of getting approved on the vehicle loan of your dreams are very high.

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This is because we’ve partnered with all major financial lenders in BC, and private lending institutions, which assist with our instant approval process of auto finance for all qualified cases. Whether it is Bad Credit car loan, Poor Credit or No Credit auto finance in BC, we assure acceptance of application. In fact, we specialize in getting applications approved even with the toughest financial scenario of Bankruptcy or a previous re-possession. If you are New to Canada or an International Student in Surrey BC or hold a New Credit, do not hesitate to reach out to us for an auto loan in BC. Our team will help in collating all required documents to prepare the car loan application for pre-approval. They will further connect you to a huge pool of Car dealerships in BC that will help you pick a vehicle of your choice.

As Financial consultants, our primary objective is to have complete transparency with our car finance clients in Surrey BC. We are here to provide a service to our clients and there many expectations no matter how big or small they may be! We work hand and glove with our customer every step of the way, educating if needed to ensure a positive financial outcome because we understand your Financial Health and then guide you in preparation of the Car Loan in BC, Canada application. If we feel it is in your interest to delay applying for loan till Credit Scores improve, then we do not hesitate to say this and work with you to better the scores. While in most of our cases we are able to secure a car loan approval for you at a reasonable vehicle price with an interest rate that is much lower than most of the lenders, we recommend a term only if it works with your financial plan.

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You Call or Text – We Assign a specialist you your file

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Lower Your Interest Rate and Payment

Your approval specialist will go to work for you, to find your new perfect ride at a payment and rate that makes sense

Obtaining financing is as easy as showing a minimum of $2000 gross monthly income. It’s that easy. $0 down and no payments for 6 months option is available.

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