In the past few years, you may have filed for bankruptcy. Whether it was recent or not, it was an option that saved you from continuing to deal with many financial problems. Although it helped you with the debt that you were in, filing has since left a mark on your credit report that lenders and credit companies can easily see. Ever since you went through the bankruptcy process, it may have become harder for you to get help when you need it. However, Approved Auto Loans is here to help you.

If you are in need of a car and you do not have the money to purchase one, we offer bankruptcy car financing. You may not have known that this was even an option, but when you visit us it is one. Coming up with the money needed to buy a car at once may not be possible for you, especially if you need the vehicle as soon as you can get it because you use it to get to work. Just because you have filed for bankruptcy in the past does not mean that you are not good with your finances now. Instead of punishing you for a choice that you made, we want to help by improving your situation and offering bankruptcy car financing.

After you have thought about whether you would like to finance a vehicle, you can fill out a bit of information for us. Before we can offer financing options, we need to know more about you. None of this information will be used against you. Despite your credit score, you may still be approved for financing, which means that you get to select a car and keep it as yours. In the meantime, you can put money down on it little by little. When you do not have all the money at once, financing is one way to make sure you still get the car that you do need.

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You Call or Text -- We Assign a finance expert to your file

We'll chat with you & find out where you're at & what you'd like to upgrade to.

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Lower Your Interest Rate and Payment

Your approval specialist will go to work for you, to find your new perfect ride at a payment and rate that makes sense.

Obtaining financing is as easy as showing a minimum of $2000 gross monthly income.
It's that easy. $0 down and no payments for 6 months option is available.
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